Today I was admitted into Parkside hospital for my first intensive 3 day treatment of the new drug O-DHAP. I don’t know what to expect but at least I got to know the nurses when I was admitted just before Christmas and they have put me in the same room 201, so I feel very safe.

This treatment includes the following drugs which are given to me through my PICC line 24 hours a day – literally blasting my body:

O – Obinuturzumab, the new drug we are paying for which is a type of targeted cancer drug called a monoclonal antibody
DH – dexamethasone, a steroid
A – cytarabine, a chemotherapy drug
P – cisplatin, a chemotherapy drug

Kelly made me stickers to go on the chemo bags (using the principles of Dr Emoto that words & intentions can change or infuse the molecular structure of liquid – find out more here

After these 3 days of treatment I go back to the Cancer Centre London on day 8 and 15 for 3-4hrs of additional chemotherapy of just Obinuturzumab.

Let’s Do this! Wish me luck x