The day I’ve been pooing my pants about!

I had two procedures – a PICC line inserted in my veins to my heart which is where my chemo & blood tests go through as this supports my veins to not collapse with all the needles I’ll be having over the next few months. And then a lumber puncture into my spine to extract bottles of spinal fluid to see if the cancer has spread to my spine.

I had a special moment with Dr Das the radiologist who fitted my PICC line, as he was the person back in the summer who had spotted in my scans that my lymph node had been increasing in size over the last 6 years (even though that’s not what I was being tested for). I told him how grateful me & my family were to him for this as he literally has saved my life… and by the end of the conversation we were both crying. Not the best idea before he had even started working on me!

Mia has named my PICC line – Pablo Isaac Cameron Carlisle… I can guarantee that I won’t remember that!!!