For those of you who are having a Autologous Stem Cell Transplant, there will be a period before your transplant where they will need to harvest your own cells before you have a high dosage of chemotherapy. Alternatively if you are having an Allo Stem Cell Transplant, your donor will have to harvest their cells to give to you.

Either way it will firstly entail that you give yourself daily injections for 5 days to stimulate the production of your cells so you have enough to harvest. For Richard this meant 4 injections daily, but his transplant nurse told me that we could mix 2 of the injections together, so that he only administered 2 injections rather than 4, but with the same dosage.

So if you have been told the same (and ONLY if your consultant has consented for this), we have created a video training to show you how to mix the solutions & also how to administer the injection.

NB. you will probably experience flu like symptoms & aches & pains as a result of these injections. Make sure you take pain killers & have some peace in knowing that the more it aches, the better it’s working & the more cells you are producing… so hang in there!