I thought I’d record a short (er!) update as I begin a new cycle of chemo today, which so many of you made possible due to this GoFundMe campaign. Watch it just to check out the new (no) hairdo! I am in talks for the next Bond villain – what do you think?!

Today my dad would be celebrating his 90th year of walking this planet. As I enter my third chemo cycle I am reminded of just how tough his last 9 months of life were, as he battled renal cancer. For a proud man, who was never unwell, it was a period of his life where he showed tremendous bravery. Ten years since he left us and I feel his presence more than ever. I know he is walking this path alongside me. Encouraging me to keep going and, at the same time, ensuring I don’t step off the path and onto any of his beloved plants!

Thank YOU for your part in this journey we find ourselves on. You cannot imagine how much your love, thoughts and energy are helping to hold us tight.