Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy & SCT can often lead to Mucositis which is when your mouth, throat & esophagus can become dry, ulcerated, burnt & swollen from the treatment.

It can be very painful & often leads people finding it hard to eat & swallow.  Richard experienced it really badly after having the Melphalan in his BEAM chemotherapy.

These are the products that he used to soothe the symptoms & support the healing.  He also are soft food like fruit, soups, smoothies and drank pure Aloe Vera Juice.

– Biotene Mouthwash

– Difflam Spray

– Difflam Lozenges

– Difflam Sore Throat Rinse

– Anbesol Ulcer Gel

– Gelclair Gel Rinse

We hope they help you too!