About Us

About The Willow Tree Foundation

Why we chose a Willow Tree?

I have always thought of the Willow tree as a rather majestic being. It takes up the room it needs. It offers shelter from the elements. It stands proud of who it is. And perhaps, more than any other tree, it stands firm, courageous and strong, despite the elements and conditions it finds itself in. In the wildest of weather, you can watch the willow bend, flex, stoop and strike all manner of outrageous poses. And yet it doesn’t snap. It doesn’t break. It simply finds ways to adapt. Perhaps this offers us a powerful metaphor for those of us seeking recovery and healing from serious illness. If we are able to quieten our own mind, the willow tree has a powerful message that encourages us to adjust to life, rather than simply fighting it. Surrender to the process. Dance with both the pain and the beauty.

As we sat and talked about the foundation, we all agreed that the willow tree captured the pure essence of what we hoped to create. If we can bring the qualities of the willow tree to others, perhaps we can build a space and gather a tribe where the often brutal journey of cancer, can be walked with strength, grace and courage. My wish and belief, is that we can.

About The Tylers;

Richard, Kelly, Mia and Royston

When Richard was diagnosed with stage 4B Mantle Cell Lymphoma (a very rare type where only a few hundred people each year in the UK get diagnosed), it completely rocked all of the members of the Tyler family.  And they have since founded The Willow Tree Foundation to share their own experiences and resources with other families living with blood cancer, to support them emotionally & from a first-hand, lived experience.

Richard Tyler

Richard’s mission is simple: enabling people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. We’re drowning in gurus who promise the world, but fail to deliver. They take people to the edge and leave them hanging. Richard is here to disrupt the personal development industry by provoking people into fresh and creative thought patterns – so instead of looking outside of yourself for the solutions, you’ll start to look within. He can help you with the biggest obstacle of all: getting out of your own way. Once you do, you open up the potential to live your best life and create a positive footprint on the planet.

After a decade playing lead roles in West End theatre productions like The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables, and singing in concert halls across the globe, Richard sees human potential through the artful lens of performance. He established BTFI Ltd in 2004 where, coupled with his professional training in Barrett Values CTT, Harrison Psychometric Assessment, Constellation Coaching and ongoing studies in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Psychosynthesis, CBT, NLP and Emotional Intelligence, he offers a creative and insightful way for people to learn and fully emerge in their talents.

Whilst he has always wanted the role of being the comedian in this family, he is quickly realising that he fails at this, dismally. If he’s lucky, jokes receive a lame eye roll. He’s parked the idea of stand-up comedy, for now…

Kelly Tyler

With a background in psychology, publishing and marketing, Kelly is passionate about supporting others to reach their full potential and spread their message to make a positive impact. Her career path has included everything from Educational Psychology, Business Consultant, Publisher, Speaker Agent, Marketing Director, Social Impact Director of The Psychosynthesis Trust and Trustee for the College of Psychic Studies, so she understands what is required to be an ‘expert’ in your industry.

Not only is Kelly the central rock in our family, she is the most wonderful human at bringing together people. This journey has highlighted her strengths in connecting individuals to key people of influence, and creating systems and structures for marketing BIG visions of thought leaders and change agents, especially through her speaker agency Stellar Speakers Ltd and consultancy Speaker INsight Ltd.

Mia Tyler

Mia is currently studying for her A levels in Maths, Psychology & Sociology.  She is the super smart one in the Tyler tribe. She is multi-talented both in academia and creativity; she makes her own crystal jewellery, plays the guitar and uke, is learning the drums and is lead singer and guitarist in a band.

She wants to go to University to study Forensic Psychology… if she isn’t signed by a record label first!

Royston Teddy Tyler

Well his profile says it all… Everybody loves Royston and he brings joy & love to our lives, everyday! When the world around feels too much to handle, his loving licks and fluffy coat offer the perfect antidote.

About Our GoFundMe Fundraising Campaign

This is where the foundation started – Richard needed to find £40,000 to fund a new drug called Obinuturzumab that increased the chances of mantle cell lymphoma remission by 15% – but it is not available on the NHS or via his private health insurance. When he reached the fundraising target in under a week, he knew that he wanted to support other families with blood cancer both financially and emotionally.  This is when The Willow Tree Foundation was born. We encourage people to share this link so that we continue to fund this foundation and support others along their journey.

Please read more about the fundraising campaign & donate here